V-Window not showing in V-Control Pro on Windows

If V-Control Pro is not connecting to the DAW it maybe possible that the Bonjour Service is not running. If this is the case, users will notice the V-Window icon not showing the V-Control Pro Setups Window


To start the Bonjour service, open the Task Manager and under Services, right click Bonjour and try to Start the service. 


If there is an error when starting the service user should do a clean install of Bonjour. 

Open Add or Remove devices and un-install Bonjour.

Then install this latest version. http://support.apple.com/downloads/DL999/en_US/BonjourPSSetup.exe

Quit and relaunch V-Control Pro.

It should now show the V-Window in the "Setups".  V-Control Pro will not communicate with the DAW and users should we the DAW showing in the Setups.

If V-Window is still not showing, set your Network to "Private" and re-install V-Control Pro for the RAVEN. 


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