How to setup RAVEN with Logic Pro X

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How to setup RAVEN with Logic Pro X

The following article explains how to set up the Slate RAVEN with Logic Pro X

You will be guided through the following steps: 

  1. Registering the RAVEN Passcode. 
  2. Redeeming the iLok Code.
  3. Setting up V-Control Pro
  4. Syncing the RAVEN with Logic and V-Control Pro
  5. RAVEN Key Commands setup
  6. RAVEN Internal Mixer Setup
  7. System Preferences configuration

Registering the RAVEN passcode. 

Each RAVEN comes with a passcode in the box. Go to and type in email address and passcode.  Users will be automatically logged in to the RAVEN area of their Slate account.


Click the "Installers" option and download/install the correct RAVEN installer for the type of touch screen. 


Redeeming the iLok license code. 

After registering the RAVEN software, users will receive and email with an iLok Activation Code. Open the iLok License Manager and click the "Redeem" tab and paste the iLok code. Now, select the iLok USB Dongle 


Setting up V-Control Pro with Logic.

After the installation, open V-Control Pro and Logic. Then navigate to the "Controller Setups" in Logic Pro X. 

In the Controller Setup window, be sure "Automatic Installation" is checked.


Once this is checked, Logic will automatically connect to V-Control Pro and users will be prompted with a message to connect to V-Control Pro. Click "CONNECT" to add V-Control Pro as a control surface.


Syncing Logic with V-Control Pro

After V-Control Pro has been added as a controller device in Logic open the RAVEN application and choose launch next to logic "Logic" from the RAVEN Dashboard. 

RAVEN Key Commands setup

Many of the Batch Commands have been programmed with custom key commands that do not come installed by default in Logic. To add the RAVEN key commands, click the LOGIC PRO X drop menu and under "Key Commands" select the RAVEN key Commands. 



RAVEN Internal Mixer Setup.

Select "Import Project Settings" from the File drop menu of Logic Pro X.


Go to /Users/Name/Music/Audio Music Apps/Project Templates or download the attached Screen set and import that template. Check the box for the Screensets and now the screen sets will correspond to the Arrange/Mix Buttons on the RAVEN software. 


Here is an article on how to align the Logic Internal Mixer.

System Preferences Configuration 

 In System Preferences select the Security and Privacy tab and add Logic, V-Control Pro, RAVEN, UPDD, Automator into the Accessibility tab of System Preferences. This will give these applications admin access for the selected programs. Also, be sure to add RAVEN into the "Screen Recording" tab as well. 



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