Cubase Windows Raven Setup

Cubase Windows Raven Setup

1. Check the box "make this my main display" to set the Raven as your main display, then, set the "Taskbar" to "auto hide" to make more screen real estate for the Raven. Last, install Raven software and Touch driver.

2. If using MTi1 (DVI Connector/Aluminum Frame and Raven MTi logo on the Top), open MTplatform app and Disable "Native touch". It is located in Program files X86 / Multi Touch / Multi Touch Platform. This will only need to be enabled for Pro Tools.


If using MTi2 (HDMI Connector and Raven MTi logo on the bottom) , click the system tray and select "Configure" from the UPDD Console and follow the instructions on screen.

3.  Launch V-control Pro from the desktop shortcut and be sure V-control is showing in the system tray.

4. Open Cubase and go to device setup and add V-control pro. Then set the Bank to 24 tracks.


5. Navigate to user/name/appdata/roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 8_64/Presets/Key Commands and drop the attached (bottom of this article) key commands into the the Key Commands folder. Then select them from within Cubase.


Note: If you don't have the key commands folder in the Presets, press the "save" icon (the floppy disk) in the key commands window and save a basic key command file, this will automatically create the Presets/Key Commands folder.

6. The Project/Mix button toggles between Workspace 1 and 2. So depending on your displays you may need to update these so the windows will open in the correct spot and you can utilize all displays. 


Note: If you don't have theses Workspaces showing ,Perhaps this preset folder has never been made.

Hit "Add workspace" and this should create the folder in your app data.

Navigate to user/name/appdata/roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 8_64/Presets and replace the Window Layout XML with the attached (bottom of this article) Window Layout XML. This will ensure the Sizing of the Windows is correct.  



7. In order for the internal mixer to sync correctly the Steinberg colors need to be set to default.

8. Be sure the Mix Console settings are similar to the below picture. "Sync Selection in Project Window" will need to be uncheck so the Internal Mixer will not bank around when tracks are selected in the Project Window.

9. Hide Stereo In/Out Tracks in the MixConsole.

10. Open the Raven application and select Cubase from the drop menu. If all is connected correctly, the STOP button will be pushed down. This confirms Raven is synced with V-control and Raven.

11.  Launch V-control "SETUPS" and Double check that Steinberg and Raven are highlight. This will insure communication is happening between Raven and Cubase.


11. Align the MixConsole to the Red border to sync the Raven Multi Touch faders over the Cubase Mix Console faders.


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