Mac OSX MTi1/MTX Gestures Support

Mac OSX MTi1/MTX Gestures Support

RAVEN MTi1/MTX Gestures Support Setup Page 

  1. To enable UPDD Gestures on MTi1/MTX touch screens, be sure to download the latest Raven update.
  2. Open the UPDD Gestures app from App/Utilities and enable "Show Menu Bar Icon" 

  3. Click the Menu Bar icon and you will find the menu to Save and Load gestures settings.


  4. Select Load Profile from File and Navigate to user/documents and load the Gestures profile for your DAW. These will install in documents or can be downloaded from the bottom of this article.


  5. Open the Raven MTi or MTX application. RAVEN will have to be open for Gestures to work as RAVEN rebroadcasts the TUIO input and sends it to the UPDD Gestures app.

  6. Open the UPDD Gestures Log and Check that it is seeing different gestures, i.e 5 finger pinch, rotate left etc.
  7. Be sure UPDD Gestures is set to listen to TUIO Port 3334 as this is the port the RAVEN is sending TUIO information to. This is saved in the Gestures profile, so will be added when importing the profile. 
  8. Disable Start UPDD TUIO at login, as this app is not needed on MTi1. This app can be deleted as well.

  9. Double check all Single touch options are set to "No action" Drag, Press, and Tap"

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