RAVEN Windows 3.9.6 and UPDD V7 update

Some users when updating to UPDD V7 may see an issue "No Devices Detected" in UPDD even though the RAVEN USB cables are still connected  This means there is still and old UPDD device installed that was not removed.  To manually remove follow these steps.

  1. Un-install UPDD from ProgramFiles/UPDD
  2. Open Device Manager and manually delete/un-install any UPDD devices
  3. Install UPDD V7 again
  4. Quit UPDD Commander and go set it to "Always Open as Admin" in ProgramFiles/UPDD/V6 
  5. Open UPDD Commander 
  6. Click the Hand Icon in the system tray of the task bar and press "Identify".

  7. Launch DAW and RAVEN software.


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