What is the Raven MTi2

What is the Raven MTi2

27" 1080p LCD Display 
The Raven is a 27" 1080p LCD Display that plugs in with HDMI to the computer.
- Needs to be set as the Main display in system preferences. 
- Can use HMDI to Mini-Display Port or HDMI to USB-C
- Powered HDMI to CAT-5 connectors will work for long cable runs.
- One-way HDMI 60ft cable will work 

27" Touch Panel Frame
The Raven has a Touch Panel Overlay that connects with USB.
- Best functions if plugged direct into the computer
- Powered USB Hubs will work and have enough power for the Touch Panel
- For longer cable runs us a Powered USB to CAT-5 converter. 

UPDD Touch Driver
- Allows OSX to work with a touch screen.
- Gestures app for pinch zoom and track pad style touch gestures.
- TUIO support to allow for Multi-Touch functionality with TUIO enabled apps such as Studio One and Raven.

V-Control Pro

V-Control Pro which enables fast and seamless connectivity between multiple control surfaces and media applications.
- Use CoreControl was inspired in part by ASIO, CoreAudio, and MIDI.
- Cross-Platform support with EUCON enabled devices like the Avid Artist Mix and S6.

RAVEN MTi Software Application
The Raven MTi Software acts as Multi-Touch Hardware Controller for most DAW's
- Batch Commander for faster workflow and less need for the keyboard and mouse.
- Custom buttons for session navigation such as Zooming and Transport controls. 
- Requires an Ilok License for each DAW such as Raven MTi Pro Tools, or Raven MTi Logic Pro X
- Doesn't come with a license for the DAW 

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