How to setup RAVEN in Windows Ableton



In this article we explain how to setup the RAVEN software for Ableton 9 and 10 on Windows. In particular, we show how to configure the 3 Mackie HUI Controllers for V-Control Pro and how to launch RAVEN and Ableton on Windows PC systems.


  1. Register and redeem iLok License 
    Register the RAVEN at and receive your iLok code and login credentials. 
  2. Install the RAVEN software, UPDD Touch Driver, and V-Control Pro. 
    Download the RAVEN installer from within your Slate Account and check the boxes for the necessary installers.
  3. Configure UPDD display settings.
    Open the UPDD settings from the "System Tray" and select "Identify". Now, push and hold the Blue Cross on the touch screen and click "next" on the non touch screen.
  4. Configure Ableton Preferences
    Under the Look/Feel preferences check on the yellow box for "Pen Tablet Mode". This will set Ableton Faders and Nnobs to be optimized for touch screens. If this is not checked on the Fader and Knobs will move extra fast and be hard to control.
  5. MIDI Controller and V-Control Pro setup.
    Under the LINK/MIDI tab of the Ableton Preferences, set the control surface 1 to Mackie Control, Control Surface 2 to MackieControlXT, then set Control Surface 3 to MackieControlXT. Now in the Input and Output tabs set the option to V-Control Pro, V-Control Pro XT2, and V-Control Pro XT3. Last, turn on the "REMOTE" option for all of the V-Control Pro options.
  6. Launch RAVEN Toolbars and Multi-Touch Fader.
    Open the RAVEN dashboard and launch the RAVEN Toolbars.  Now users should notice faders and meters in the RAVEN External Mixer and RAVEN Floating Mixer.


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