Redeeming Your iLok License Code

Redeeming Your iLok License Code

Before downloading the iLok license for your product, you’ll first need to install the new iLok License Manager. You can find more information about the iLok License Manager, and download the latest installers here.

In order to download your iLok license to your iLok 2 dongle, please visit the link that was given to you in your email receipt and enter the required info including the issued passcode.

This will unlock your iLok Activation Code.

1. Launch the iLok License Manager and sign in to your iLok account.
2. Click this button in the upper right corner of the window


3. Enter your Activation Code and click "Next"
4. Select your iLok 2 Dongle from the Activation Location dialog and click "Activate"
5. You'll receive a confirmation message when the license is moved to your iLok 2 Dongle.

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