Touch not working on MTi1/MTX macOS

Touch not working on MTi1

If touch isn't working on your MTi1. Open the Multi-Touch Platform and be sure the Serial Number of the unit is showing.


Double check the System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Accessibility is turned on for MultiTouchDaemon.


Note: Remove and Add back in Multi-Touch Platform using the - and + buttons in the Accessibility tab.

If touch is still now working click "apple" logo on the top left of the menu bar and go to "About This Mac" then select "System Report" and under the USB tab the touch controller should be showing as "PQLabs Touch Controller.


If the usb is not showing in the System Profile, try to plug direct into the computer, or if it is direct into the computer  try a different USB port. If that doesn't help, please try a different USB cable.






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