Dual RAVEN Multi-Touch not accurate on Toolbars (TUIO Settings)

Dual RAVEN users need to be sure UPDD Commander is sending "TUIO" to the RAVEN Software.  The RAVEN Software is Multi-Touch so will only respond to touch commands coming from the TUIO ports and will not respond to the mouse.  Even if single touch works normally on the desktop there could still be a Multi-Touch issue with the RAVEN Software.   


First, be sure to Identify the displays so UPDD knows which displays are touch screens. 


Next, confirm UPDD TUIO is set to "Divide X Axis between connected devices"  if this setting is not correct then the X Axis touch will be about 7" off as the software is not dividing touch between the multiple displays. 


Users may also just load the attached UC Profile to restore the correct settings.  RAVEN UPDD Commander Profile

Last, if the RAVEN toolbars are still not responding to Multi-Touch users will need to restart the computer so the TUIO server can reset.


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