Clear V-control Prefs

Clear V-control Prefs

If there seems to be an issue with HUI communication between the DAW and Raven, it can help to trash the V-control prefs and relaunch the applications.

1. Quit V-control by Clicking the Setups button and selecting Quit.

2. Navigate to /Users/Name/Library/Application Support/V-Control Pro

In order to navigate to the User/Libary, hold down the Option Modifier while clicking the "Go" tab in finder. This will reveal the User Library. Once opened, scroll to Application Support/Slate Media Technolgy/Raven.

3. Delete the V-Control folder.

4. Relaunch V-control and the DAW and be sure V-control sees the DAW by making sure the DAW is showing in the V-control "Software" tab.

5. Launch Raven and be sure Raven and the DAW are showing together in the V-control Setups and are "Lit Up"


Note: If the DAW or Raven are greyed out, then there is no communication. Double check HUI setup for the DAW and if still not lit up, re-install Raven.




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