Launch and Create Your Own Automator Scripts with Raven

Launch and Create Your Own Automator Scripts with Raven

Raven is capable of launching any automator script through a Batch Command.

1. Open automator, create a blank Workflow and set to "No Input" and "Pro Tools" or which ever DAW you are using.

2. Press "Record" in automator and click anything in the DAW and Save the Automator script. It will appear here.  /Users/Name/Library/Services

In order to navigate to the User/Libary, hold down the Option Modifier while clicking the "Go" tab in finder. This will reveal the User Library. Once opened, scroll to Application Support/Slate Media Technolgy/Raven.

3. Right Click the Raven app and "Show Contents", Go to /Applications/Raven or which ever DAW is in there. Drag the Automator Workflow into this folder

4. Right click the BC attached below and open in XCODE or TEXT EDIT and and change the appropriate names to the name of the New Automator Workflow.

5. Import this new .ravbc into your "user quicklist" from the Batch Command editor by pressing "Load"


6. Back up all your custom Automator Services as they will need to be added back into Raven when updating the Raven App

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