Selling or Buying a Used Slate RAVEN

Selling or Buying a used Slate RAVEN

Think of the RAVEN as 2 separate items, a Touch Screen and Software License.  The Software License is the most important part of the system and requires iLok Licensing transferring similar to any other music software license.  If somebody buys or sells a RAVEN without the Software License then the RAVEN Touch screen can only be used as a regular monitor as the software is the most important part and not sold separately. 

Steps To Buy or Sell a used RAVEN: 

  1. Seller files a registration transfer support ticket Here (Buyer receives RAVEN product in their account for Warranty and access to the Downloads)
  2. Seller transfer iLok license to buyer (Buyer receives iLok License in their iLok License Manager for Software Licensing)
  3. Buyer logs into iLok License Manager and activates the iLok License.
  4. Buyer logs into and downloads the software. 

When purchasing a used Raven, the previous owner will have to contact Slate Media Technology in order to transfer the Registration to the new users account. 

If the buyer of the used Raven is going to be on a different DAW, this extra DAW can be purchased in the Slate account in the Raven tab once the registration has been transferred. However, this additional passcode is only offered at the $99 discounted price if its the 2nd Raven license you are purchasing, as the 1st license is included in the purchase price when buying a new Raven.

In order to get the $99 additional passcode, the original owner will have to transfer the iLok to the new user's iLok account and pay the $25 transfer fee. Even if the new user isn't going to be using the transferred DAW license it is important to have the license in order to buy additional licenses. These licenses will be important if the Raven is ever sold or used in a different studio as the more DAWs on your iLok the more the Raven is worth. 

The passcode that comes with the Raven can only be used 1 time, so if the original owner has registered the Raven using this passcode it cannot be registered again.!support/help/102029546


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