Ableton 10 Pen Tablet Mode

Setup up Ableton 10 with RAVEN 

The following article explains how to setup Ableton 10 to work with the RAVEN touch screen. Users will notice a prompt when opening Ableton 10 "The options file contains unknown option". This prompt will not affect Ableton 10, but to remove the prompt users will need to remove the options.text file that Ableton automatically copies to the new Ableton 10 library. remove_options.png

You will be guided through the following steps and how to setup Ableton 10 and fix the prompt. 

  1. Remove the options.txt file
  2. Settings up Tablet PC Mode


  1. Navigate to to library/Users/name/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live 10.0.1 and delete the options.txt file.


    In order to navigate to the User/Libary, hold down the Option Modifier while clicking the "Go" tab in finder. This will reveal the User Library. 

  2. Open Ableton 10 preferences and turn on pen and tablet mode. 
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