MacBook Pro Dual RAVEN setup

Setting Up Dual RAVEN with a MacBook Pro

The following article explains how to set up Dual RAVENS with a MacBook Pro. 

You will be guided through the following steps: 

  1. Hooking up the RAVEN displays to the laptop.
  2. Configuring the UPDD touch driver for use with the displays. 

Hooking up the RAVEN display. 

In this section, you will learn how to plug in the RAVEN displays. 

  1. Plug the HDMI from the 1st RAVEN into the HDMI port of the MacBook Pro.
  2. Plug the 2nd RAVEN into the Thunderbolt port of the MacBook Pro using a HMDI to Mini-Display Port cable. Then plug in the USB cable from each RAVEN into the USB ports of the MacBook Pro.

  3. Arrange the RAVENS in System Preferences display settings so the left RAVEN is the Main Display and the right RAVEN is directly next to the main RAVEN. The MacBook Pro should be located above or to the far right of the RAVENS. 


Configuring the Touch driver. 

In this section, you will learn how to configure the touch driver for the display settings. 

  1. Click the Hand Icon in the menu bar and press "Configure". This will run through a setup screen, where you will need to "TOUCH" the X on the touch screen monitors, and "CLICK" the X on the screen that doesn't have touch. Users will notice the UPDD status is now showing RAVEN displays as monitor 1 and 3, since the MacBook Pro Display is going to take display 2.

  2. If user prefer to use "Clamshell" mode where the MacBook is closed when using the RAVENS, this will require reconfiguring the touch driver as now there is 1 less display for the touch driver to account for. Users will notice the UPDD status is now showing RAVEN displays as monitor 1 and 2. 
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