Mounting Gear in CORE Station Sidecar

Mounting Gear in CORE Station Sidecar

After building your CORE Station Sidecar, using the Install Video you can now start adding rack mountable gear to your Sidecar.

Before placing your gear in the Sidecar, thermal heating considerations should be made. Some things to consider are:

  • Which piece of gear emits the most heat?
  • What pieces of gear are front/rear intake/exhaust?
  • Is air flow sufficient to the Sidecar?
  • How does heat exit the room?


Considering which piece of gear emits the most heat helps you find the best natural air flow. For passive air-flow management, a good rule is to have the hottest piece of gear on the top rack i.e tube gear. 

As far as rear/front intake/exhaust is concerned, you'll want to ensure that intakes are not consuming hot exhaust air. Stacking a front intake unit with a front exhaust unit is not advisable.
If the unit has a top exhaust, it's advisable to use a 1U vent panel stacked above the top exhaust unit.

Good and bad examples are shown below:



Another consideration, is placement of the Sidecar in your room. Give room to properly ventilate the hot exhaust.

Lastly, consider how the heat created by your gear leaves the room. Are there fans located nearby to move hot air? 

For more information regarding proper thermal management, take a look at Middle Atlantic's White Paper.


Now that you've considered thermal management for your Sidecar, let's mount a piece of gear. 

First, disconnect all wires to your rack mountable gear. With a blanket on the ground, lay the sidecar on it's back. Slide the gear into your Sidecar's rack space. Using the provided black European rack screws and washers, screw the rack into your space. Tighten all screws with the same amount of force. It is recommenced to use all 4 screws when mounting your racked gear. 

Stand your unit back up once all gear is properly screwed in. Now from the back of your unit, connect all needed wiring. 

Now you're done and ready to enjoy the CORE Station Sidecar. 


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