CORE Station Sidecar Instructions

CORE Station Sidecar Instructions

Introducing the
RAVEN Core Station Sidecar, by Slate Media Technology. The following are assembly instructions to creating your very own Core Station Sidecar.




Check the box for any shipping damage and notify your dealer or the shipping company before opening the box. If possible, do not accept damaged shipments.


Locate the box in an open area free from clutter and errant objects.

You’ll want at least a 6’x6’ area of open space to build your Sidecar in.

Make sure you have considered any doors or hallways between the build area and the sidecar’s intended location. Laying down a moving blanket to protect from scratches is always a good idea.


Using a flat head screwdriver carefully pry the box staples from the sidecar box.


You will only need the following tool:

#2 Phillips Screwdriver


Note the contents inside. They are:

  1. Instructions
  2. QC Card
  3. Bag of hardware
    1. Long system bolts
    2. Small Locking Screws
  4. 6 Sidecar wood components. View the instructions for a reference outline of each one. They are:
    1. Left Panel #1
    2. Top Panel #2
    3. Right Panel #3
    4. Sidecar Surface #4
    5. Back Brace #5
    6. Bottom Brace #6


Find the number 1 labeled leg piece.


Using the provided long system bolts, screw these into the already in place threaded cam locks (excenters) on the leg. Making sure the indented center of the system bolts are facing the same inward directions.


Locate desk surface piece number 4. Using the non threaded holes on wood leg number 1, and the wooden dowels on wood part 4 as your guides, slip the dowels and system bolts into their corresponding holes, making sure the center indentation of the system bolt is visible.


Using the same process, slip wood back brace 5 into place.


Again, using the same process as before, slip the wooden dowels and system bolts into bottom brace 6


Using the small locking screws, and phillips head screwdriver, tighten the locking screws into the locking hole of the threaded cam locks until they are snug. Do not force or over tighten these locking screws.


Now locate wood leg number 3. Again, using the system bolts, screw these into the already in place threaded cam locks on the leg, making sure the indented centers are facing the same inward direction.


With leg 1 one still flush with the ground, and using the dowels and system bolts as a guide, slip wooden leg 3 onto wooden pieces 4, 5, and 6.


Once leg 3 is flush with pieces 4, 5 and 6, tighten the small locking screws into the threaded cam locks, careful to not over tighten them.


Once tightened, stand the built Sidecar pieces in the working position.


Locate piece number 2. Using the same process as before, screw the system bolts into the threaded cam locks, with indented centers facing the same direction and slip wooden piece number 2 onto the top of the RAVEN Side car and tighten the small locking screws over the last of the threaded cam locks.


You have now successfully built the RAVEN side car.


For more material regarding the RAVEN side car, including dimensions, weight and other Slate Media Technology products please visit

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