Using the Slate Remote

Setting Up Slate Remote for RAVEN and Batch Commander

The following article explains how to set up the Slate Remote with RAVEN and Batch Commander

You will be guided through the following steps: 

  1. Downloading the Slate Remote
  2. Connecting the Slate Remote to the Batch Commander
  3. Customizing Batch Commands
  4. Troubleshooting the Slate Remote

Download the Slate Remote

On your iOS device go to the App Store and search for Slate Remote, or use this direct link here:  

Connect the Slate Remote to Batch Commander or RAVEN.

To connect the Slate Remote the RAVEN or Batch Commander, press the "SETTINGS" button on the Slate Remote software. Now, select the device that the Slate Remote should connect to and hit "Connect".


Once the Slate Remote has connected to the Batch Commander or RAVEN applications, the Batch Commands Panels will now show on the Slate Remote. 


Customize Batch Commands to show on the Slate Remote. 

Since the Slate Remote just mirrors the Batch Commands Panel on the RAVEN/Batch Commander, RAVEN user will only need to "PUSH AND HOLD" a Batch Command and edit the settings for the Slate Remote to auto update and show the changes.

For Batch Commander users "RIGHT CLICK" the Batch Command to edit the scripts then hit "CONFIRM" and the Slate Remote will update. 

To view all the Batch Command Panels on the Slate Remote, just swipe Left or Right to view all the Batch Commands on the selected layout. 

NOTE: Be sure to Save the Layout and the RAVLAY after editing a Batch Command. 

Troubleshooting the Slate Remote: 

If the Slate Remote will not update or show the Batch Commands from the RAVEN layout, users may need to "Restore Factory Default" on the RAVEN or Batch Commander applications.

  • Press the "Settings" button on the bottom right of the Raven toolbar.
  • Press  "restore factory default".
  • Each time Raven is updated users should save their default RAVLAY / BCLAY then "Restore Factory Default" to reset the default settings. 

If there is no devices showing in the "Settings" area of the Slate Remote there maybe an issue with the Wifi Router being used. Check with your WIFI supplier for more information on sharing network data on the specific device being used.  

Double check the "Firewall" settings on the computer being used are not blocking the data stream between Batch Commander and the Slate Remote. 


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