Clean Uninstall of Raven and V-control and Touch Drivers

Clean Uninstall of Raven and V-control and Touch Drivers

The Raven app consist of 3 total apps.

1. Raven

2. V-control Pro

3. UPDD Touch Driver for MTi2 users, and MTplatform for MTi1 and MTX users.

To do a clean uninstall of all these apps.

Clean uninstall of Raven.

1. Navigate to the Application folder and delete the Raven MTi or Raven MTX application.

2. Navigate to the User/Libary by holding down the Option Modifier while clicking the "Go" tab in finder. This will reveal the User Library. 

Once opened, scroll to Application Support/Slate Media Technology and delete this file.

Warning: this will delete all your USER customized BCs and layouts, so be sure to backup this folder if you want to recall your previous made Batch Commands.


Clean Uninstall of Touch Drivers.

MTi2 users navigate to Library/Application Support/UPDD Uninstall and run the UPDD Uninstall application.


MTi1 and MTX users download the PQlabs uninstaller at the bottom of this article and run the uninstaller. You will need to restart after it is complete.


Clean uninstall of V-Control.

1. Delete the V-Control App from Applications Folder

2. Delete the V-Control preferences from /Users/Name/Library/Application Support/V-Control Pro.


Get to this menu by "option clicking" the "Go" menu in finder located on the menu bar.

3. Go to HD/Library/Application Support/MIDI Device Plug-ins and delete the V-Control Bundle


Get to this menu by the "Go" menu in finder located and scroll to the "Computer" folder.


There is one more V-control device in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components



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