Raven and iMac setup

Raven and iMac setup



In this article you will learn how to setup the RAVEN with the iMac or MacBook Pro. 

1. Display System Preferences Configuration

2. Mission Control Settings.

3. Menu Bar Settings.

4. Display Resolution setup.

5. Touch Driver Configuration

When setting up a Raven with an iMac or MacBook Pro there are a couple settings that will need to be changed in System Preferences. 

1. Arrange the RAVENS in System Preferences display settings so the left RAVEN is the Main Display and the right RAVEN is directly next to the main RAVEN. The iMac should be located above or to the far right of the RAVENS. 


2. Configure the applications to open on the desired window by right clicking the application from the dock and selecting the default desktop for the application.



3. If you don't want all the displays to have the menubar, uncheck "Displays have separate Spaces" to make sure only the main screen has the "Menu Bar". This will allow for single windows to be dragged across 2 display at once without disappearing when crossing the displays threshold. 

 4. Be sure your display resolution is set to 1080p on the Raven screen, by holding option and clicking the "Scaled" button in display preferences.

5. Click the Hand Icon in the menu bar and press "Configure". This will run through a setup screen, where you will need to "TOUCH" the X on the touch screen monitors, and "CLICK" the X on the screen that doesn't have touch. Open the UPDD Hardware Status and be sure the RAVEN MTi2 is set to Monitor 1.



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