What to expect when expecting a RAVEN.


  1. When users buy a Slate Audio RAVEN MTi2 or MTZ they are getting a HDMI 1080p display with the fastest USB touch panel on the market (5ms).   

  2. The RAVEN also comes with the most advanced and fluid touch driver ever made.  Even the native Windows touch driver can't do 5% of what the RAVEN touch driver can accomplish.

  3. Instant connection to the DAW with V-Control Pro which is the top DAW Controller API that has ever come out. This controller API works for all major DAWs and grants users access to all the DAW controller prefs. 

  4. The biggest features that users receive when buying a RAVEN are the RAVEN Multi-Touch faders, since there is no other company on the market doing Multi-Touch mixers that seamlessly blend in with the DAW faders allowing users to control up to 10 faders a time.   Other companies do have MIDI faders which require tons of mapping and customization or they have stand alone mixer but not the "Overlay" mixer. 

  5. Batch Commands and Macros for everybody.  Most macro editors charge for these macros or force users to make them individually, however with RAVEN every DAW comes with 100's of pre programmed macros. 

  6. RAVEN toolbars allow quick access to every control of the DAW. SSL, Neve, Presonus, or Mackie consoles could ever come close to adding all the custom built in features of the RAVEN toolbars to these physical control surfaces. 
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