V-Control Not Connecting to DAW

V-Control Not Connecting to DAW

How To Check V-Control communication between DAWS.

Users may experience V-Control not connecting to the DAW.  Be sure to setup all the MIDI peripherals in the DAW correctly by following the steps in the QuickStart Video. 

Pro Toolshttps://youtu.be/YiZBW1UEBVk?t=11m20s




Digital Perfomerhttps://youtu.be/vM6aXPfDI9w?t=11m36s

Here is how to double check the settings and communication on V-control.

1. Click on the V-control icon in the Menu Bar on the Top Right of OS X and click on setups.

2.  Be sure the DAW is highlighted under the "Software" tab


3. Be sure the RAVEN is highlighted under the "Controllers" tab.


Also, the DAW and RAVEN should both be highlighted in the "Setups" area.


4. Check the V-control Setup guide to be sure you are setup correctly.

Note: The V-control setup guide will only show how to setup 8 faders, so this maybe setup differently for Raven users with 24 faders. 

If the DAW is greyed out, then there is a problem with the communication.

Check your firewall is off in system preferences and any security software is disable. Such as McAfee or LittleSnitch.



If nothing is has worked, users may need to delete all the V-control prefs and re-install Raven and V-control.






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